12th Ever Library Hop: Last Library Hop of 2018

One of the highlights for me this year was definitely reinstating library hops– even if it was just by myself when other times I had a friend tagging along. I decided to go on one more for the year. This time, I wanted to hit the libraries in Washington (of the Fort Vancouver Regional Library District) which were accessible by bus.

This library hop was the one with the most bus rides taken (17!) and the longest I was out (the sun was setting as I reached my last library but then again it’s wintertime so it gets dark quite early).

Library hopping is not for the faint of heart. It takes quite an obsessive mind and some dedication. I had originally planned on visiting just two libraries. I ended up going to five! It takes a lot of planning to make sure everything runs on time to get to all the places. Even then, you also need to be flexible especially when taking public transportation.

The first library I went to wasn’t even one I had planned on going to but one of the buses I was supposed to take left early and I didn’t want to wait and waste my time. So, five buses and over two hours after leaving my place, I reached my first library of the day.

Three Creeks Community Library was worth it. I loved everything it had to offer.

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Three more bus rides later, I reached the Battle Ground Community Library. My favorite part aside from the cozy reading area with an equally inviting fireplace was the Friends of the Battle Ground Library bookstore- Ben’s Books- “named in honor of Ben Franklin, the father of free lending libraries.”

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Cascade Park Community Library was very spacious and welcoming.

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The next library was another unintentional visit. I didn’t realize the Camas Public Library wasn’t part of FVRL which was why it wasn’t showing up on my map search of “FVRL locations.” Luckily I tend to do a Google search if a town or city I’m passing by has a library or not.

Camas Public Library was beautiful. At first, I thought it was a Carnegie library by its design. I wish I had more time to take things in and to get a library card to add to my collection.

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My last library was the Washougal Community Library. I was glad to see that even such a small space, they made room for a Friends of the Washougal Community Library Book Nook.

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What a long day it was but I love getting to visit libraries!

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