13th Ever Library Hop: Last Minute First Library Hop of 2019

Somehow after my bookstore and library visits yesterday, I couldn’t sleep. So what did I do? I decided to go to a last minute library hop which required scrambling to buy tickets, plan out which places I wanted to see, and to get ready all within a short time frame.

Fortunately, I had free tickets for Bolt Bus to redeem and I saw they went to Eugene where I’d been wanting to go to. So, after being up for 24 hours straight, off I went.

The first thing I did once I got to Eugene was to actually head to Springfield (just across the river from it) and I came across the official Simpsons mural!


The Springfield Public Library was located inside City Hall. I was really impressed by what they did with the space. There were people getting library cards, buying books from the Friends Book Sale, and checking out materials. There was even a school group there. Springfield Public Library is hoping to expand to better serve the community and I hope they’re successful at it.

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My next library visit was University of Oregon’s Knight Library. It was a beautiful building. A bookstore customer had told me they had an amazing collection of items related to children’s literature. While I didn’t see any in person, they do have a great resource available online of Twentieth Century Children’s Literature as part of their Special Collections and University Archives including manuscripts from Virginia Lee Burton!

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Finally, I went to the Eugene Public Library. My original plan was just to visit the Downtown Library but, since it was a day of last minute decisions, I ended up visiting all three locations which was sort of a time crunch.

The Downtown Library reminded me of Seattle’s Central Library which I’m honestly not a fan of. It had a cafe on the ground floor called Novella Cafe. The Second Hand Prose Book Store (operated by the Friends of Eugene Public Library) was unfortunately closed during my visit.

The Bethel and Sheldon branches were quite a distance away in either direction from the Downtown Library which was good in the sense that they were able to serve more people but bad for me since they took awhile to get to and from. They were in strip malls and took me less than five minutes each to look around but they were being used which was a nice thing to see.


And, of course, any time I’m in a new city, I also like to visit bookstores. First up was Tsunami Books. I really liked the book mural.

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Then, I went to Smith Family Bookstore’s Campus location. I was surprised by how big it was.

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After that, I ended up at J. Michaels Books, apparently named as one of Huffington Post’s 50 Best Indie Bookstores in the country.

Finally, I went to Smith Family Bookstore’s Downtown location. It was incredible how many books they buy based on the number of boxes they had stacked all over the place. And, yet, both stores were well organized.

Enjoy some random pics I took while I was in Eugene.

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After visiting 5 libraries and 4 bookstores as a last minute trip to Eugene, I think I’m pretty set on library hopping for the time being! Then again, I can never say no!

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