Oregon Carnegie Libraries Challenge

With all the library hopping I’ve been doing over the years, I realized I’ve visited quite a number of Carnegie libraries in Oregon. Originally, there were thirty-two but only eleven are still being used as libraries. While others have been demolished, some have been repurposed. I like it when it becomes that town or city’s historical museum.

I decided recently it might be a fun goal to try and visit the eleven Carnegie libraries in Oregon. It’s definitely a challenge since I don’t drive and most of them are far away. Hopefully, I’ll get to them all by the end of the year.

Here are the ones I’ve visited so far.

North Portland (Portland, Multnomah County Library)


St. Johns (Portland, Multnomah County Library)


Oregon City








(Updated April 27, 2019)



(Updated June 6, 2019)

Hood River


(Updated July 12, 2019)

It may seem like a cop out but I’m going to call this challenge complete. Newberg had this passport to celebrate its library’s centennial a few years ago. Even they considered eight was enough since the other locations were extremely out of the way. (I still wouldn’t mind checking out the Ashland, Enterprise, and Union public libraries in the future, though!) Instead of getting stamps, I printed out pictures of the libraries and stuck them on.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I loved getting to visit each of them. And for the most part I had fun trying to see how many I could go to!

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