14th Ever Library Hop: Bookish Birthday Vacation Edition

I recently went on a bookish vacation at the Sylvia Beach Hotel (staying at the Dr. Seuss room) as an early birthday present for myself. I wanted to use it as a writer’s retreat of sorts. But I knew I also wanted to visit libraries and bookstores along the coast since I wasn’t in that part of Oregon often.

Like all my travels, particularly my library hopping adventures, it relied on public transportation and if I missed one of the many connecting rides, it was game over. But everything went smoothly!

Days One & Two- Getting to Sylvia Beach Hotel; From Portland to Newport

Tillamook County Library (Tillamook County Library)

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My first stop was the Tillamook County Library. And, if this was any indicator of how my trip was going to be, I was definitely in for a treat! I loved the murals especially the one leading to the Children’s Room. But the one in the staircase was beautiful, too.

The Tillamook Library Foundation Bookstore was open and I talked to a very nice volunteer there. They’re currently raising funds to build a Library Park!

Literacy Park behind the Newport Public Library

On my way to Sylvia Beach Hotel, I walked past the Newport Public Library which I had already been to on a previous library hop. But I didn’t see Literacy Park behind it until now. It’s very tiny and has a small amphitheater.

Sylvia Beach Hotel library

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Aside from the authors’ books in each of its literary themed room, Sylvia Beach Hotel has a pretty impressive library including plenty of comfortable seats even by a fireplace!

Just a few doors down is Nye Beach Book House which I had already been to during my first visit to Sylvia Beach Hotel. But I couldn’t resist stopping by.


I also went to Fireside Books, another used bookstore in Newport.


Day Three- Waldport and Yachats

After realizing how long the bus rides were, I was ready to readjust my expectations of how many libraries and bookstores I was going to visit especially when I knew I wanted to dedicate some time for writing. Fortunately, I was able to do just that. And the following day, I was off again.

Waldport Public Library


This little library was hosting an Easter Egg Hunt when I was there so that was nice to see.

After Waldport, I went to Yachats. And just walking around I ran across this charming used bookstore- Mari’s Books! It’s great this coastal town would have both a bookstore and a library.


Yachats Public Library

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After Googling what other bookstores there were in Newport, I was super curious to see Canyon Way Restaurant and Bookstore because it was a restaurant AND a bookstore! It was super cool.

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Day Four- Going Home; From Newport to Portland

My trip home was full of unexpected side detours but all for the good.

Despite being in a time crunch, I was able to stop by the Book Warehouse in Lincoln City’s outlet mall.


Driftwood Public Library (Lincoln City)

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This looked very unassuming from the outside but it was surprisingly nice and spacious inside. There was also a Friends of Driftwood Public Library Book Store which was sadly closed when I was there.

Apparently the firm in charge of the renovation was also responsible for Oregon City’s, Happy Valley’s, and Canby’s.

Bob’s Beach Books was one that people said I should visit. Fortunately, I was able to walk there instead of just idling about waiting for a bus!

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Grand Ronde Tribal Library

I really thought that would be my last library even though I had purposely took a different route home to see one other library. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find information about where it was and if it was even still open. I was happy at least to see a Little Free Library was by the bus stop when I got to Grand Ronde.


But 10 minutes before the next bus arrived, I found out where the library was so I had to rush to visit it!

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At this point, I was content to call it a day- and I had three buses left. But I had ended up passing by another library so I decided to check it out. There was a super friendly librarian at the Sheridan Public Library.


I even found a used bookstore- Main Street Books Revisited!


Having visited 7 bookstores and 7 libraries made this a very fun trip for me!

You can read more about my vacation here.


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