15th Ever Library Hop: New Old Libraries Edition

What an unexpectedly fun day today turned out to be!

I knew I had wanted to hit up at least 2 libraries today but it turned out to be more than that. And I thought with one of them that it wasn’t going to be exciting because I was just going there since I hadn’t been back since they had renovated.

The first stop was the Oregon City Public Library. Funnily enough, the first location I visited of this library was when it was temporarily in a strip mall. Fortunately, they moved back to their old Carnegie building where they expanded a few years ago.

The renovations were gorgeous. It was so fun looking around and taking in everything new.

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The Friends of the Oregon City Public Library Bookstore moved to a new location closer to the library so, of course, I had to check it out.

On my way to the other library, the bus decided to have a 10-minute break so I was able to check out the renovated Canby Public Library.

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As it turned out, the design firm who did the renovations for both Oregon City and Canby also did Driftwood and Happy Valley!

The main library I wanted to visit was Woodburn Public Library which is part of my Oregon Carnegie Libraries Challenge.

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With Woodburn off my list, I only have 4 more Carnegie libraries to visit!


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