My Bookish Coast to Coast Vacation, Part 3

For a detailed account of my Rochester trip, click here.
For my previous posts in this series, click here and here.

Day 1

On my morning walk in Rochester, I ended up in the ABC Streets Neighborhood. And, as I had hoped w there was a name like that, there was a Little Free Library!

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My friend took me to her alma mater, Nazareth College, and we explored Lorette Wilmot Library.

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It’s always interesting to see a Barnes & Noble that’s a university bookstore.

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One of my favorite places we visited was Writers & Books, a literary center located in Rochester’s arts district. It was truly a book lover’s and writer’s paradise. I could see myself spending a lot of time there.

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I loved visiting the Out Alliance Library. There was such a huge collection of books and other media.

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Our final bookish stop for the day was the Fairport Public Library. There were so many cool things to see there including the well curated Teen area, the time capsule in the Children’s, and the Book Bin store run by the Friends of the Fairport Public Library. You can even take a virtual tour!

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Day 2

Our first stop for my last day was the Central Library of Rochester & Monroe County. The fact that it was actually two buildings- the Rundel Memorial Library and the Bausch & Lomb Public Library Building- made it doubly exciting for me. And they were connected via an underground tunnel as well.

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We entered through the Bausch & Lomb Public Library Building. There was a beautiful Reading Garden and The Library Store run by the Friends & Foundation of the Rochester Public Library. My favorite part was the Secret Room in the Children’s area!

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We took the underground tunnel to the Rundel Library Building.

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I was pleasantly surprised and thrilled that there was the Stonewall: 50 Years Out exhibit going on at the Anthony Mascioli Gallery.

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I was surprised to discover there were two children’s bookstores in Rochester. The first was Element of Fun in Village Gate. It sold books and toys.

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The next was Hipocampo Children’s Books, which just had their grand opening in April! Talk about where books are magic!

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My friend and I ended up chatting to Henry, one of the co-owners, about community, Portland, culture, and, of course, books. We could have talked until the end of the day but sadly I had a plane to catch. I’m definitely following them to see them grow.


We managed to squeeze in one more bookstore. The Barnes and Noble in Pittsford Plaza was the nicest of its kind I’d seen featuring a Used Books section (Sale Annex) and a Community Room!

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Thanks to everyone who joined me in reminiscing about all the bookstores and libraries I visited during my Coast to Coast vacation!


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