Bookstores in Hood River

After a rather busy week that resulted in meeting some goals I had set for myself, I decided to treat myself by going to Hood River!

Hood River is about 60 miles away from Portland. The commute on public transportation was about 90 minutes.

You can read about my visit of the Hood River Library here.

The first bookstore I visited was Artifacts. Its tagline is Good Books and Bad Art. It was a great mix of new and mostly used books and gag gifts with an extensive collection on cycling.

The one I had been meaning to visit, which I finally did, was Waucoma Bookstore. I’ve seen the owners around at book conventions and whenever they’re in Portland. They’re friendly and wonderful. And, I was able to tell how they’ve created an integral institution in their community!


I bought A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: The Poetry of Mister Rogers for my book drive which is still ongoing until I read the books I got and find someone who can help me bring them to the Children’s Book Bank! So, if you want to donate, you still can!


I also explore a bit of Hood River, mostly its waterfront and downtown.

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They had a cute Children’s Park with a Little Free Library!

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