A Weekend of New Bookstore Visits in Portland

I’m always excited when new bookstores open. And I was lucky enough to visit two this weekend!

A much anticipated one was Kinokuniya’s latest retail location this time in downtown Portland located in located in a historic cinema building! What a light and spacious area to let your mind wander while browsing through the bookstore (especially the kids books!), the Studio Ghibli section, etc. They even have a Book of Tea Cafe.

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Melville Books just opened up on Alberta Street offering a great selection of used books. The owner was nice and knowledgeable. I love his story of how a first edition copy of Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel by Virginia Lee Burton he found at a Goodwill kind of helped finance his dream venture of opening up his own bookstore. I love that Portland can have so many cool and unique bookstores that can co-exist with one another.

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And I finally checked out The Nines Hotel library! I’ve been to a few hotel libraries and I love they exist because I love reading when on vacation!


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