A Day of Visiting Bookstores that Have Relocated

Portland’s bookstore scene often changes in the blink of an eye. A new one opens. An old one closes. Another one moves. I’d been meaning to visit the bookstores that have relocated recently so I spent today doing so.

First up was Backstory Books & Yarn. It used to be by a Filipino restaurant that I actually went to today. Now, it’s near Powell’s Books on Hawthorne and an odd hole-in-the-wall shop selling used books and other odd assortment of stuff that I only finally found out was called The Needle. Backstory Books occupied what was Hawthorne Boulevard Books, a true Portland institution that was in business for 34 years!


Next up was Paper Moon Book which moved from just across the street. It has had many homes since 1977.


Finally, I went to Books with Pictures which moved up the street after a successful Kickstarter campaign. It was where Longfellow Books used to be where the wonderful Alice in Wonderland mural is still up. I hope to continue seeing Books with Pictures grow in leaps and bounds.


What’s a bookstore you visited recently?

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