19th Ever Library Hop: First Library Hop of 2021(Actually Second but What is Time, Anyway?)

(Edited 09/11/21: I just realized this was actually my second library hop of the year. But what is time, anyway?)

I just had my first library hop of 2021!

At first, I thought a trash can on fire in downtown Portland was a sign of the day to come especially when I wasn’t even sure where the bus stop was! Luckily it was a one way street. After a 45-minute bus ride and a 30-minute walk, I reached the St. Helens Public Library.

I was immediately taken in by the book drop in front with all the literary references!

A Book Sale area from the Friends was in the lobby heading to the library.

It was a nice library and I talked a bit to the staff member at the front desk and told him so.

In nearby McCormick Park, they had a Story Stroll for Sharing Our World: Animals of the Native Northwest Coast.

My next stop was the Scappoose Public Library.

I loved that they had a Little Free Library outside as well.

I also stumbled upon Cathedral Coffee nearby (which also has a location in Portland that I’ve visited a few years ago) and they had a pretty nice library nook.

I’m so glad I treated myself to a library hop!

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