20th Ever Library Hop: Books and Bridges Edition

I’d been needing a good cheer-me-up so I decided to go on another library hop!

I’d been flip-flopping whether to go to these two libraries for awhile since the bus pass was kind of pricey. But, sometimes, you just need to spend money and hope the experience you bought was worth it. Luckily, in this instance, it was! (Also, I’d been hoping that other people would offer to take me to these places- and more!- to save me time and money but I was just getting annoyed the longer it didn’t happen. That’s another unsolicited life lesson: Sometimes you’re the one who just needs to do something if you want it to get done!)

The new (to me) libraries I can go to now are sort of far away, especially on public transportation, and the buses are infrequent. And, I usually try to justify these bookish travels by making a day in those places.

My place to my first stop- Cascade Locks- was 39 miles and about 90 minutes on public transportation (with transfers and walking factored in.) I also had a little over two hours until the bus to my next location came so I had time to explore.

Another one of my obsessions is walking bridges despite the fact I don’t like heights. I’d been wanting to cross the Bridge of the Gods in Cascade Locks for awhile. It sounds much grander than it actually is. And, since there really isn’t a pedestrian lane- they say just walk against traffic and be careful of cyclists which you have to share the narrow space with- it was quite terrifying, lol. And, of course, I had to walk back once I got to the other side!

The first library I visited was the Cascade Locks Library part of the Hood River County Library District. It’s a small room adjacent to the elementary school. (You can read about my visit to the Hood River Library here.)

My next stop was across the state to Stevenson, Washington.

Part of the fun of library hopping is the planning- and then, of course, the anticipation- even when it’s last minute or spur of the moment. (This one was very dependent on what the weather was going to be like. Rain had been in the forecast since last week but it changed to just clouds a few days ago and we actually got some sunshine!) When I was Google Mapping what there was to do in Stevenson since I was going to be there for a couple of hours, I noticed there was a bridge…

The Mill Pond Bridge definitely had better pictures online- even from earlier in the year!

… and, to my surprise, a bookstore- North Bank Books!

The other library I visited was the Stevenson Community Library, which is a part of the Fort Vancouver Regional Library District. Like the other community libraries I visited in the district- read about them here-, I was surprised by how nice it was. They even had a couple deck areas!

I can’t tell you how much I needed this library hop! It was truly a highlight of this summer!

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