First Bookstores Visited in 2022!

It wasn’t really on my radar to visit any bookstores in January so I was thrilled to stumble upon these two!

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(Date of visit: January 27th)
My first bookstore was Vivienne Kitchen & Pantry– a culinary bookstore in the Hollywood district that also has afternoon pastries, a wine selection, and a secret bar. Plus, they hold cooking workshops. I’ve been debating whether to include specialty bookstores and, ultimately, I decided this place counts since they aren’t just a store that happens to have books for sale as well but are calling themselves a bookstore.
I bought a slice of a delicious blood orange olive oil cake the owner made from one of the cookbooks they had for sale.

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(Date of visit: January 28th)
During one of my bridge walks, I realized I was near a bookstore I hadn’t been to before so, of course, I had to go in- Laurie’s Paperback Exchange located in Oregon City. It’s definitely the kind of used bookstore that you may find something that you weren’t even looking for.

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