22nd Ever Library Hop: First Library Hop of 2022

Yay! I finally got to go on another library hop- my first for the year!

I have to rely on public transportation to visit most of the libraries (and bookstores). I’m always surprised when there aren’t more frequent, more reliable, or more obvious buses serving public libraries- although I know it’s about funding. Anyway, I’ve definitely had to adjust some of my plans over the years of where I’m able to go like realizing just how far some of the libraries were for my Oregon Carnegie Libraries Challenge.

Library Hopping is like a mental sport with trying to find ways to get there and figuring out all the connecting rides and making sure I don’t get stranded. I was thrilled to find a bus service that would take me to two more! However, I wasn’t sure I was able to get to the second location until the day of and I had to do some last-minute rearranging.

I was looking forward to this potential library hop for a week and I was too excited the night before that I only slept for four hours! (The coffee I had late in the afternoon may have had something to do with it.)

I woke up at 6am to get ready and left my apartment at 7am to catch a light-rail train and then a bus to get to Vancouver, Washington. From there, I caught two more buses to get to Ridgefield where I had to rely on an on-demand rideshare of sorts from the public transit agency. Luckily, it only cost the same as a bus fare otherwise I wouldn’t be going. After an initial hiccup of the driver thinking I was heading to a casino where the other passengers were going, I was off!

My first stop was the Ridgefield Community Library.


Apparently, it was remodeled and expanded last year. It definitely looked nice.

I always enjoy seeing a Friends of the Library Used Book Store.


And, of course, if I’m able to, I like to explore the town or city. I walked some of the grounds of the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge starting at Overlook Park and to Carty Lake via the Pioneer Street Overpass. I would definitely go back with someone who can appreciate nature more.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also walked pass the original location of the first library which was constructed in 1923 under the instruction of the Priscilla Study Club, an organization of 12 women that started their own library in 1914! It’s now The Olde Library Inn, a B&B paying tribute to the building’s past.

Next up was the La Center Community Library.



I usually don’t have time to talk with other people because there are buses to catch- plus I’m actually quite shy!- but it was great to chat with the branch manager who gave me a tour of the building, which used to be a hospital.


I enjoyed getting to talk about Library Hopping and books in general.

Their Friends of the Library Book Store is named Virginia’s Book Store. I wonder who Virginia Hanson is/was!

Sometimes these smaller spaces impress me more with how much they’re able to cram and still provide for their community!

One of my bookish goals this year is to finish visiting all 15 locations of the Fort Vancouver Regional Libraries (FVRL)! With Ridgefield and La Center checked off my list, only 4 more to go!

Read about the other FVRL locations I’ve already visited in these posts:

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Stevenson– part of my 20th Ever Library Hop

Three Creeks, Battle Ground, Cascade Park, and Washougal– part of my 12th Ever Library Hop

Vancouver and Vancouver Mall– this was during the new Vancouver Library’s Grand Opening, part of the 2nd Annual Library Hop Adventures 2.5!

[Date of Library Hop: February 18, 2022]

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