23rd Ever Library Hop: Yet Another Spur o’ the Moment Decision to Go Far Away to Have a Bookish Adventure

I’d been wanting to go somewhere- anywhere- and feeling frustrated that I wasn’t. Late Thursday night, I was working out some logistics to see if I could go on a random library hop because, as usual, they’re very far and involves lots of public transportation. I was even waffling the morning of and almost didn’t go because it was so early and I thought maybe I was being too obsessive with wanting to visit bookstores and libraries. But, then, I figured why can’t I always want to be around places I enjoy being in? So, off I went!

My first stop was Dallas, OR- over 60 miles away from Portland. It took 3 hours and 4 modes of public transportation. With my bus pass, the entire trip costs only $10.50! Not including any side trips I took this day, I ended up riding 9 modes of public transportation.

I loved how Dallas Public Library divided its space to create different areas. There was even a hallway with shelves of books for sale.

While I was walking around waiting for the library to open, I saw they even had a StoryWalk of David Shannon’s Duck on a Bike displayed on multiple storefronts along Main Street. I didn’t have time to find all the pages so I decided not to share it.

My next stop was Monmouth Public Library. (Monmouth is about 8.5 miles from Dallas.)

I was surprised by how big it was. I talked to one of the staff there but only probably because she thought it was weird for someone just taking pictures of the library!

And, only 2 miles away was Independence Public Library.

A block away was Second Chance Books so, of course, I had to check it out.

I also ran into a Little Free Library heading to Independence.

As if that wasn’t enough- going on an unexpected library hop and exploring Dallas and, later on, Salem, which I also had a library hop a few years ago-, I also had to pick up some holds back in Beaverton City Library and had to check out their new Grab & Go collection at the Beaverton Transit Center.

What a fun day I had on my latest Bookish Travel!

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