Camas, WA

Visited August 19, 2022

Opening a bookstore is such an optimistic act- especially one dedicated to kids and children’s literature.

That’s why I’m so excited every time I hear of one that’s relatively close by- or, in my case, three buses and about an hour away. Thanks to Shelf Awareness for the heads up a few weeks ago about this one! And that’s how long I’d been itching to go.

While Bookish weren’t technically open since they were still prepping for their Grand Opening tomorrow, the owner was nice enough to let me browse and shop. I liked the different areas they had- like the graphic novel room and story time stage- and the diversity within their collection.

I can’t wait for people to discover this new kidlit indie bookstore in Camas, Washington. They’re just a few blocks away from the beautiful Camas Public Library which I visited during one of my library hops a few years ago.

I also stumbled upon some Little Free Libraries while I was exploring Camas.


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