My Bookish Seattle Vacation (2022 Edition)

(You can read about a previous Seattle trip here.)

I had a very spontaneous, very spur of the moment trip to Seattle. It was nice of one of my housemates to offer to drive me there the night before. Since we were going to leave early in the morning, I had to make an itinerary quickly.

This post is, of course, just going to focus on bookstores and libraries I’ve visited.

First up, after some last-minute rearrangements of plans, I ended up at Town Center at Lake Forest Park. What a nice sight it was to see that the shopping center had both a bookstore and a library!


Lake Forest Park Library is part of the King County Library System, which oversees 50 libraries! I wonder if I lived in Seattle if I’d have it in my head to visit all of them!



They had a Friends of the Lake Forest Park Library book sale area at the front.

I loved coming up the elevators to Third Place Books and seeing how much bigger it was for a store mall. I loved exploring the shelves and I even took the time to read a nonfiction picture book.


I was surprised that despite how many times I’d gone to Seattle I’d never gone to Third Place Books. It turned out I was going to make up for that by visiting all three of their locations. With Lake Forest Park done, I went to Ravenna…


… and, finally, Seward Park.


Despite having taken lots of buses up and down Seattle that day already, I had time to visit one more bookstore. What once was Oh, Hello Again (which opened up in the middle of the pandemic), the space changed owners and renamed Nook & Cranny Books. oha1


I’d wanted to visit this bookstore because they had a very unique shelving system. Instead of your regular categories, their books are grouped by what mood/ type you may be feeling at that moment!


Just a few blocks away was Ada’s Technical Books and Cafe. Since I’d already gone there before, you can read about it here.

After some foiled attempts at visiting other bookstores- and altogether forgetting I wanted to check one out- it seemed very fitting that my Seattle trip this time around would be bookended by libraries.

The next day I visited the Seattle Public Library’s Douglass-Truth Branch. I wasn’t even planning on going here because of all the construction but I’m glad I did. It was a great mix of a classic historical building and a modern renovated expansion.


A part of me wished I could have stayed a bit longer in Seattle but I knew this was going to be a quick overnight trip. I’m sure there’ll be more opportunities for me to go back to visit other bookstores and libraries I didn’t get to go to this time around.


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