A Bookish Week 2023

Me with The Bookmobile Babe founder Christie Quinn and Scarlett the Japanese Fire Truck Bookmobile!

I had a few days off so, of course, I wanted to fill it with bookstore and library visits- anything literary, in fact! So, here’s a (mostly) photo recap of my bookish week.

Barnes & Noble- Cascade Station Shopping Center
Portland, OR
Visited May 10, 2023

It’s one of their new designs of (at least, to me) warehouse style with open floor plan sections. This one doesn’t offer a cafe.

And, because I have no other place to write about this, here’s another Barnes & Noble I visited last fall…

Barnes & Noble- Tanasbourne Town Center
Hillsboro, OR
Visited September 2, 2022

This was a bigger version of the warehouse style. This one had a cafe. And I loved that the employees there seemed excited about talking books to people.

Mt. Angel Public Library
Mt. Angel, Oregon
Visited May 11, 2023

I was able to take four buses to Mt. Angel, a city about 35 miles from Portland. It’s a Bavarian-inspired place and was a nice day trip location. But, of course, I was there to check out Mt. Angel Public Library. I was really impressed by it. Very cute and cozy. I always enjoy reading the history of libraries and seeing how they’ve changed over the years- decades- to fit the needs of their communities.

And, I always like seeing a Friends of the Library presence inside.

Abbey Bookstore & Coffeehouse
Mt. Angel, Oregon
Visited May 11, 2023

Mt. Angel also has a strong Benedictine community and I almost forgot that the Mount Angel Abbey had a Bookstore & Coffeehouse but I trudged up the hill to visit it. If I had more time, I’d have enjoyed a drink and pastry at the cafe.

I also found a couple of Little Free Libraries walking around.

Scarlett the Japanese Fire Truck Bookmobile
The Bookmobile Babe

March 13th was Portland Bookmobile Day. There was a literacy event that The Bookmobile Babe organized at a Portland park. They’re a nonprofit organization to help “get books into the hands of kids!”

I couldn’t resist checking out the event before heading to work since I’d been wanting to see Scarlett the Japanese Fire Truck Bookmobile.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I loved seeing the set up for this free book giveaway and activities event especially the various independent bookstores (including where I work) that have made donations including diverse kidlit titles.

The Bookmobile Babe has a GoFundMe page so Scarlett can have bookshelves built! If you want to contribute, here’s the link.

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