Oregon Carnegie Libraries Challenge

With all the library hopping I’ve been doing over the years, I realized I’ve visited quite a number of Carnegie libraries in Oregon. Originally, there were thirty-two but only eleven are still being used as libraries. While others have been demolished, some have been repurposed. I like it when it becomes that town or city’s historical museum.

I decided recently it might be a fun goal to try and visit the eleven Carnegie libraries in Oregon. It’s definitely a challenge since I don’t drive and most of them are far away. Hopefully, I’ll get to them all by the end of the year.

Here are the ones I’ve visited so far.

North Portland (Portland, Multnomah County Library)


St. Johns (Portland, Multnomah County Library)


Oregon City










(Updated April 27, 2019)

Hood River


(Updated June 6, 2019)

The rest I have yet to visit are the ones in Ashland, Enterprise, and Union.

Watch this blog to see if I end up completing this challenge!


11th Ever Library Hop: Yet Another Long Bus Ride Edition

On my way to Salem during my previous library hop, I was excited to pass by a couple libraries I could go to that were on the same route I was already on. So, of course, I had to visit them as soon as I was able to!

First stop was Dayton, Oregon to visit the Mary Gilkey City Library. According to the website, “The Dayton Public Library, also known as the “Mary Gilkey City Library” was founded in 1923. The library was named at a dedicatory service for Mary Ann Robinson Gilkey, who was the first girl child born in Yamhill County of pioneers. It is rumored that Mary Gilkey donated the land that City Hall now sits on with the condition that a Public Library is always open.”


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After that, I headed to Newberg, Oregon. I had time to kill before my next public library so I decided to hit up George Fox University’s Murdock Library.


I wasn’t going to since I’m trying to be less obsessive and more selective which libraries I go to but I’m glad I did because on the way there I stumbled upon an independent bookstore Chapters Books and Coffee and what a delightful surprise that was!


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There was even some kidlit street art nearby!


The main attraction of this library hop was the Newberg Public Library.


This is one of the only eleven remaining Carnegie libraries in Oregon that is still being used as such. Originally there were thirty-two. The rest have been torn down or being used in some other capacity.


The Newberg Library Friends have their Book Sale Shelves in the Lobby.


They even have a Library of Things, “a service that offers things for patrons to checkout – from knitting kits to ukuleles to cake pans. The collection supports lifelong learning and creativity by providing the physical tools necessary to explore new areas of interest and learn new skills.”


I enjoyed their other design choices as well.


All in all, I had a great time!