15th Ever Library Hop: New Old Libraries Edition

What an unexpectedly fun day today turned out to be!

I knew I had wanted to hit up at least 2 libraries today but it turned out to be more than that. And I thought with one of them that it wasn’t going to be exciting because I was just going there since I hadn’t been back since they had renovated.

The first stop was the Oregon City Public Library. Funnily enough, the first location I visited of this library was when it was temporarily in a strip mall. Fortunately, they moved back to their old Carnegie building where they expanded a few years ago.

The renovations were gorgeous. It was so fun looking around and taking in everything new.

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The Friends of the Oregon City Public Library Bookstore moved to a new location closer to the library so, of course, I had to check it out.

On my way to the other library, the bus decided to have a 10-minute break so I was able to check out the renovated Canby Public Library.

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As it turned out, the design firm who did the renovations for both Oregon City and Canby also did Driftwood and Happy Valley!

The main library I wanted to visit was Woodburn Public Library which is part of my Oregon Carnegie Libraries Challenge.

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With Woodburn off my list, I only have 4 more Carnegie libraries to visit!


Oregon Carnegie Libraries Challenge

With all the library hopping I’ve been doing over the years, I realized I’ve visited quite a number of Carnegie libraries in Oregon. Originally, there were thirty-two but only eleven are still being used as libraries. While others have been demolished, some have been repurposed. I like it when it becomes that town or city’s historical museum.

I decided recently it might be a fun goal to try and visit the eleven Carnegie libraries in Oregon. It’s definitely a challenge since I don’t drive and most of them are far away. Hopefully, I’ll get to them all by the end of the year.

Here are the ones I’ve visited so far.

North Portland (Portland, Multnomah County Library)


St. Johns (Portland, Multnomah County Library)


Oregon City










(Updated April 27, 2019)

Hood River


(Updated June 6, 2019)

The rest I have yet to visit are the ones in Ashland, Enterprise, and Union.

Watch this blog to see if I end up completing this challenge!